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You may deny a human cause to global warming, but you cannot deny that the Earth is changing. Simply considering that the polar ice caps are receeding, Greenland's glaciers are melting, any mountain historically showing snow and ice now showing bare ground... Now I am no scientist, but I've seen ice in a glass and it eventually melts, and I learned at a pretty young age as to why. WHY ARE WE STILL DEBATING THE OBVIOUS? Please explain how these events can occur and the Earth is NOY getting warmer. The root cause is, of course, the ever increasing hords of human population. Again, I don't believe you need to be a scientist to understand an increasingly large consuming force versus a finite supply of resources. Stopping wouldn't happen overnight, so we need to get thinking about it, shan't we?
Doctor Woot
Yesterday with the storms we just had, all the damage and sadness made the front page of my hometown paper. On page three is an article on the third local kid to come home to be buried. I will be "on line" for another dead comrade in arms. Our town is only about 100,000 so everyone knows everyone. It just ticks me off that the local news paper thought that the death of this American was not first page news.
are you really so miopic that you take this stuff seriously?good lord get a life.weak weak weak go to bed children.
What/Who is the worst in instigating your pet?