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How big are theatrical posters that are usually outside of movie theaters?
I know it's not just me, but when someone gets a dog, do they really think it's going to be happy outdoors in all kinds of weather, alone?the poor things don't get but(if they are lucky) a few minutes of companionship.why have the dog at all?Trained dogs make such great friends, and there is NO excuse to not train a dog, dogs love to learn.
We got him 6 months ago. He was a show dog owned by a breeder and kept in a kennel all his life -- with an indoor/outdoor section as they commonly are. He's 7 years old. Last fall, when we got him, he had no desire to do that. But the weather is warmer here and for the last few nights, he's insisted on being outside after we hit the sack. Any thoughts?
I don't mean do YOU run around with a stuffed toy in your mouth...talkin' 'bout your dog!!!!Though...if you DOOOOO, we'd like to hear about that too!!
she is still having accidents.. Does crate training work and how long does it take? also what is the best way to train her to do other things like sit and lay down ect. she's a C.K.C. registered beautiful Shih Tzu but if i step in another puddle of pee I'm going to go crazy lol...
swollen and puffy. he has the swelling around his eyes and his nose..he really looks weird!! he's not acting any differently though..hes very playful and active plz help..thank u..
Last night while petting my Australian shepherd/lab mix I noticed a large mass on the end of his ear. It is about the size of my palm and goes out about an inch from both sides and when he let me examine it seemed like there was pus in it. It causes him no pain(which is why I haven't taken him to the vet already) and I was wondering if there was a certain bug or disease that was causing this to happen. He is about seven years old and has had chronic dry skin all his life but it has never really affected his head only where the tail begins.