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Can a mass forward be done?
I have a user who uses Microsoft Outlook for his personal email. We use Novell GroupWise for company email and he would like to be able to convert some of his email files and address book to GroupWise without having to rekey all of the information.
Worked fine for a few weeks but now it doesnt return any results, ever.
How can I Fix this I have DSL It got to be with MSN Or my settings somewhere
have rebooted computer, can get on internet using same password for dial up but my outlook requests password and when i type it in it wont accept it
I use most of the MS Live products, and it would be a huge help to me if I can sync my Sprint Pocket PC PDA with Hotmail/ Hotmail Calendar, rather than Microsoft Outlook. There used to be a Sync program for hotmail and outlook, but I'm assuming that's now null, since hotmail to outlook is a subscription service only.