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In MA, a program has started to train addicts to give Narcan shots to others.The drug will also be supplied them along with syringes. Does this mean we have lost the 'War on Drugs'?
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No offense if you are in high school while reading this, but some people who are long beyond their high school years are still doing things that most people outgrow. Why is this?
Simply Splendid Sgnatures
I'm an addict and i'm having problems dealing with seperate problems also oriented with my addiction
My dogs have been given Frontline routinely since they were little and one still got Lyme disease from an infected tick! The vet said nothing is 100% effective. So why didn't the vet give the Lyme vaccine way back? She said since they were inside dogs and they wouldn't need one. Are we throwing our money away on these medications just like we do on medications for people and then find out they don't work!! Any thoughts?? Thanks....Dep
My female dog seems to know just how to play with all types of puppies. If it is a large breed puppy she plays a bit rough, if it's a tiny puppy she is gentle as a lamb. My dog has been fixed, so she can never have puppies' of her own. I feel like perhaps I should have allowed her to become a mother. She is so good with other pups.
It seems like Jesus was a fisher, but not a hunter of land animals. Plus the issue of some foods being kosher... others not. I'm just fishing for something interesting here; if I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about, it's because I don't.
Some people who are single for a long time are happy and content - and others say things like "Oh dont worry you will meet someone who is right for you, etc. etc." but does anyone think that a person is meant to be alone? Maybe some people aren't meant for relationships or marriage...any thoughts?