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I've basically got a restoration project done - electrical, body work, interior, the tough part: Painting. No, I've not painted a car before, but I've read extensively about it. and it seems very labor intensive, with exposure to isocyanate and other poisons, and one error - say, on top coating - could ruin the job. On the other hand, I don't want to sink a great deal of money into the vehicle, as I plan to sell it...but as a "one" ( show car), which could return a substantial profit...maybe. Those who've done DIY car painting, is it an impossible task for a first timer to get an excellent result. Those who have had their cars brought down to metal and repainted by a costly was it? And anyone know of reasonable and reliable shops in the N.O. area. Col. C. Unger, M.D., USAFR ( at [email protected]). Thanks.
I work non-traditional hours. I need a state certified, BBB registered daycare facility that is open on the weekends and in the evenings until 9 p.m.
Army Corp engineers and Experts are saying new system and new levee's will not compete with a Katrina like storm.1960's same damage and rebuilt again. Galveston everyone can get out. Why put so many people in danger again. This is completely nuts! Does anyone agree