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36 Have been accused of spousal abuse7 Have been arrested for fraud19 Have been accused of writing bad checks117 Have directly or indirectly Bankrupted at least 2 businesses3 Have done time for assault71 Cannot get a credit card due to bad credit14 Have been arrested on drug-related charges8 Have been arrested for shoplifting21 Currently Are defendants in lawsuits84 Have been arrested for drunk driving in The last year
.​mportant_items_to_consider/sign up is easy, to answer click on 'comments' or to ask click on 'submit a link' type in 'self' in the top bar then ask (or whatever) in the second box, click submit and you're done...this is a large site, with internal mail, voting answers up or down, easily searched, the whole nine yards. the qnarefugees is a 'subreddit', the entire reddit is decent.there's a question waiting, and a pretty picture....:)just started so if you like it spread the link about, it takes many people to make a site work well...
In need of a SAS 70 Audit by a CPA firm, because they provide transaction services, like a payroll preparing service, for customers. The audit give assurance that the internal controls (accounting controls) are OK.