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The Oracle
there? When a funeral home dresses the deceased- i.e., usually a suit for a man. how do they get it on? Rigor mortis has set in, the stiff is literally do they sew it around the body, what? Just how do they manage to get it on the body or corpse?
The Oracle
one summer when I had a job at the Michigan School for the Blind (where, by the way, Stevie Wonder went and was roomates with my godbrother who's name was George George...for trivia fans)...Anyway.....this is a residential as well as training facility for the blind. My job was to physically inventory all the property owned by the State of Michigan. One dormitory I came across had small children...roughly in the age range of 4 to 9.......who were no only blind, but could not speak or hear as well. They communicated touch. It was absolutely gut wrenching and sad to see these little ones- totally dependent on the outside world......what was YOUR experience of something really sad?
The Oracle
now, I'm not sure anymore...just in case, what is the cure if it is just a tad drier than I want it to be and not juicy enough....?....This sucker is done BTW, stick a fork in it!...LOL
can't seem to find any good tutorials, anybody know of any?
The Oracle I wanna get rid of the Zango Bar but I can't delete application extensions and some other stuff.Wot the hell do i do?Zango is a bastard
Dont rememberthis being on my computet when i first bought. So can someone tell me what it is so that i can know if i need to delete it. i always veiw my programs list and i never remember seeing this. help!
The Oracle
your monitor......"Top Contributor" says rotubirtnoC poT!!!! ??????hahahahaha
to be a worthwhile cause. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Thank You:)​86E7
The Oracle
a while until all the bugs were out? ...or maybe "you just gotta' have it...bugs or not?Anybody out there bought one?..How is it..really?
The Oracle
"Oracles"....presenting the all new Chrysler Oracle....Oracle candy bars..."have an Oracle".....Oracle Beer......the ideas and possibilities are more about a........
Ek Appraisers
Part of the Enterprise Suite and Oracle Financial Modules, Property Manager is a module that is now in use by many organizations to keep track of properties and leases. I am working with it now and I need to know some details, I cannot find so if you are working with the module and could help I would appreciate.
The Oracle
hit, let's say what the minimum hourly wage is, or even worse, 7, 8 ..EGADS, $10 bucks a gallon, will we finally just have had it? Will we re-colonize the Mideast or just go in there and take the damn stuff?....Would the American people go along with the powers at be and allow and justify and rationalize this?....