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Need to use clip from a DVD with subtitles in a PP presentation. Have tried numerous DVD rippers, but the subtitles always appear washed out. Anyway to link directly to DVD without lots of coding?
I am trying to install Windows 7 beta. The DVD player is not a bootable device on my Dell Gen 3 XPS system. Can anyone tell me if just changing the cables from the CD player to the DVD player will fix the issue? The CD player is a bootable device.I think this is a BIOS issue and I am not going to be able to install Windows 7 beta.
answered that same question with the condition that your answer to that question would be deleted; do you think you would sometimes use that option.It could be as simple as you pushing the 'vote for this answer' button and a little pop-up window would come up saying "are you sure you want to do this? Voting on this answer will delete your answer to this question." and if you push the yes button, then pink, answer deleted, answer voted. Of course, after doing this, you wouldn't be able to answer that same question a second time. And, I don't think it would be a huge problem for trolls that use it to delete what they already wrote, b/c, well, that's not a bad thing if a person deletes that, and its not like the comments that were in response to incitefull words under the answer would stay up once the answer was gone... Anyway, I know I'd use it if someone's answer after mine was better than mine. Or, use it if I screwed up real bad on the answer!What do you think?
Jao 1
I have heard of Bio-Oil and Mederma, I have used Coco Butter with no sucess at all. I have heard that fraxel laser is the best option is that true?
Miss Annie
MS-WORD has an option of compare and merge.I would like to know the API,INTERFACES used by WINDOWS to built this option
if i set the setting to MaxDVMT (instead of to 64 or 128 MB), does it mean that 224 MB of memory is forcibly (i.e. dedicated) allotted to graphics (and not available to applications), or does it mean that GPU can potentially utilise maximum possible memory that is supported by its hardware- i.e. 224 MB (in my case)? if its the former case, it would be bad since rigidly allotting memory is just was DVMT was designed to curb. anyone is sure about what happens?
Warren Jans
I have the tabs at the left of my messenger, my other computer I can't get the tabs.
Right clicking on empty space on existing partition does not show create new partition in dialog box niether does the action tab on the menu bar.