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Quis Ut Deus
I was a waitress for 7 years. (I also worked at Curves and a Farmer's Market/Craft store) I have ALSO sold newspaper advertising, insurance, and been a teachers assistant.I am now back in Idaho with a very thin job market and I just don't feel like working as a waitress or at a fast food restaurant. I feel as though I can do more and deserve more than a job like that.Where I really need a job and need one quickly, (I have no car, and am living in a spare room at my brother's house at the moment) is it wrong for me to still want to be selective as to where I apply? I know that it doesn't look good to have multiple jobs for a short amount of time so I don't feel it wise to work somewhere I don't want to be for a couple weeks until I find something better... or is that the best option?
Cherish Wisdom
Also what are the requirements for a new immigrant to seek employment?
im looking for these kind of opportunities where you can join them if you live outside the usa and canada.
I know you can start out as a PA, CPA, CMA, CIA, Account manager, FInance Director, Finance Controller, Assistant Vice President of Finance, Vice president of Finance, however are their other opportunities in between the ones I have stated?