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I believe we need a goal and I think a great goal would be to go to the moon not just visit but settle it that would open tremendous avenues for our country.What do you think would work best?
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Now that we, barring any amazing recounts, know who the next pres. is, I had a thought:I was watching CBS news, and they showed Rev. Jesse Jackson. He was overwhelmed, crying. I took it as he was pleased with Obama's victory. I think a lot of people feel the same way, bursting with joy at the results. I'm happy for them.I am saddened though. I fear the next four years are going to be very difficult for all of us. We are in an economic spiral that will not correct itself overnight. The man in office for the next four years will have to work VERY hard to simply keep things from getting worse. Obama has a great challenge ahead of him.I am wondering if it was the right time for our first African American president. Many.........ah..........shall we say short sighted people.......will blame Obama for the state of the economics. It will take great decision making to just do some damage control. Its like Obama is starting the race a lap behind. Wish he could have a better opportunity.
Instead of paying cash bonusus, Credit Suisse will pay the bonusus with troubled assets.
My Answer: at the same time, I doubt that humans will survive all those years... Wars, pollution, global warming, murder, environmental problems...etc may destroy humanity sooner than you think...
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It's been done to cats...dogs...lab-rats...what about humans? Do you think that it is ethically okay, or not?
we've talked about getting another one, but I have the little chihuahua (in the avatar) who's getting old, spoiled, and very territorial. When we had the Pomeranian they got along just fine, but this was three years ago and her personally is very different now. I don't want to get the dog and end up having to take it back. I need to make a decision soon, as this dog is at the humane society! My heart says yes, but my head says no. What do you Think? Thanks..