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It does appear that Google and Microsoft are gearing up for the "cloud." It certainly will make using our personal computers much easier. I watched a great discussion on a daily show, "The Agenda, with Steve Paikin." Here is the site, and to the left of that site, you may watch the video, from Feb. 8, "Mark Evans, The Coming Cloud." Good stuff. Watch this show, it is fantastic stuff, and the "cloud" is the future. You want to see this. Once they have the panel discussion, you will then know all about "The Cloud." You can move forward the video to the panel discussion. The Mac-Air is the new computer.
I saw that the new wireless n routers work on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz. I figured if I could make it only operate on the 5ghz band, then it would solve my interference issues with the 2.4ghz band. So it that possible? Thanks
I have made a tower crane model with all the minute details. it functions almost like a big tower crane. i want this model to be operated using a computer.I would need a software and a circuit board to connect it to comp. Can anyone help me in designing a cicuit for that because i am not an electronic engineer, i am a mechanical enginner. i dont know stuff about electronics. Please help me in making a circuit for my project. Also, suggest which port i must use: USB, COM or Serial?