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It also said that C;/windows/system32/HHCTRL.OCX was affected and it was an error. What does this mean and how does it affect my computer and what caused this to happen?
We have a wildview camera that we have down loaded pictures from. Adobe photoshop has been putting them into a file that is ESBK.mb. When I try to open the files I am not able to.
I have a word document that only opens in read only. I need to read this document and cannot figure out how to get real words.
A second window opens when I open my explorer. It seems to want to see me things like screensavers, travel, etc. I do not rember signing up for it and do not want it. I cannot seem to nail down a consistent http when it opens, must be a program installed that searches cookies.
Please insert a disk into MemoryStick PRO and i cant acesses it, btw its a sony memory stick. ANY SLUTIONS PLZ HELP!!!
C J Trenching Inc
I have this file saved on a floppy but cant open it. Any Ideas
Selecting any cell in excell results in constand scrolling. program cannot be closed.
Whenever I try to directly open a .docx (Word 2007) file via ftp or browser, it automatically jumps to opening it with zip... Any way to get it to open with Word 07? (And when the box comes up, there is not an option that allows me to choose a different program, I need some alternative way to tell the computer to open it with Word 07)
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This has happened about 4 times in the last 6 week everytime I open windows live messenger something starts downloading on my computer run netstat and there it is winhttp.dll established.I am on a pay as you go usb stick so i know exactly whats downloading but i have no idea what this is,it does not tell me about any updates it just starts downloading,the least amount was 16mb,the most was 30 mb and tonight was the last straw 3 times it has happened in the last half hour,the first part was 14mb,second part was about 19mb,third part was about 2mb.I would not mind so much if i knew what it was for but i have no idea and would like to find out if there is anyway i can find out.By the way computer Is totally clear of any virus,spyware,rootkit etc.Please someone help,its definatly messenger thats doing it,well thats what my firewall said did not want to block access in case it is something important,just started again now .netstat readout WINHTTP.DLL