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Chicago Lady
I could strain it, but if small, invisible particles remain and are ingested, can they harm you?
MY wife was grilling pork chops on the low setting with the cover cloesd. When she opened the cover to check the meat it flared up burning her arm and singed her hair and eye brows. She says it was like it blew up on her
I'm attempting to open a word document and get this prompt.Is the file bad itself, or does this mean I need to open it another way. Duh to me, I'm sure, lol. Help!
I have internet service through the local cable company in NY. Would like to know if anybody knows how to see if emails that were sent were opened
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The display on my computer is set to 32 bits. When Word 2002 is opened it changes the setting to 8 bit. Then I have to go to COntrol Panel - Display and then change it back to 32 bit. It stays there the rest of time.