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I'm trying to find out how Laundry Detergents are sold from On-line markets like and <-- Marketing strategy
I mean does the application run off of the internet or the application you installed. I can't install Virtual Earth from the site, but I can from a backup file. It looks the same. Oh, and while your here, does anyone know why I can't install the new Virtual Earth? I changed regions (Canada and USA), saved the file to my desktop, tried it on two different computer (only one worked, which is in my dad's house) and reformatted a few times. I really need some help with this. Thanks!
I'm LOOKing for the best DVD rental program. -LB
Chicago Lady
Bball Star
I know there are a few clips loaded to youtube, but I'd like to see the whole show... the problem with buying it on dvd is that it will only work on French dvd players. So is there a site that it's already on? I've already checked several foreign film sites/US sites that stream videos or have them available for download, and none of them have it. So.. suggestions?
Doctor Woot
First all your info is on the form then CC info, and what if your order never comes?