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I copy on a USB or disc from home computer to a printer at the Library. A question for the computer literate... or do I need to cut & paste?Any help in answering this question will be appreciated.
Nicholas Chandoke
ok I got a computer like a month ago its a Vista labtop now its got Office 2007 sudent edition but the thing is I don't know its just a trial or if its the full version I can not find anything that says if its full version or trail in my computer I also do not know wear I get this code its asking for
We have come across a situation where we would like to record some phone calls made in the workplace through our soft VoIP phones. Optimally, this software would be able to run on a computer connected to the same network without having to install anything on the server - however, I am not opposed to any solutions including the server.
i like to search the web and games so whats a good computer(not a lap top)
The only possible Internet service available (other than satellite - yech!) at our office location was "DSL" (if you could call it that - maybe 15 to 20 kb/sec actual download speeds). The I found out about this (and previously posted a q)​272DI ended up using a different wireless adapter because the firmware of the router does not support the newer card.I did it with these:​&action=viewPhoneDetail&selectedPhoneId=3409Has anyone else put together a wireless network?What kind of download speeds are you getting?I just did a speed test here and it showed 669.5 kbps.
I did a system recover on my computer and i lost my subscription to both Windows Office 2007 and Windows LIve OneCare.