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I was wondering how easy,safe,& better Windows Vista & Office 07was & if schools wanted to upgrade its PCs of an earlier Windows operating system (including Win XP).It lead to my question about Vista getting to school computers,which Vista edition will they use and how will it affect students,teachers,& others in learning education with computers (I don't mention Office in this because i know they'll use the Home & Student edition).
Here is my situation: I have a new laptop running Windows XP Pro, and I have applied for the Vista Business Express upgrade. I own a copy of Office 2007 Professional, which I installed and activated about three weeks ago. When my Vista Upgrade DVD comes, I want to use HP's "System Recovery" to restore my XP Pro installation to factory default, then upgrade to Vista and re-install my applications. When I install Office 2007 on Vista, I assume it would activate, I just want to be sure I'm not dooming myself to a dead license key.
I want to set this up sort of like a fax system. Where I could print things from my office computer to the home printer. Something neat I'd like to look into anyway.Thank you,--Mike
The Ribbon menu is fat, and with the new wide screens monitors I have real-estate to the Right or Left of my work space. If the Ribbon is moved I have more real-estate for my WORK.
I have a large family and they all want to use the same computer at the same time Because it has MS Office 2003 Pro, can i install on my families other computers all at the same address?
I have re-formatted my pc and the when I type in the 25 word code they ask me for, I get a wrong code message.
On search, The .exe and prefetch file are there... but when double clicked the cursor hourglasses for a second but no worky. The add/remove program area in control panel is not populated with with the program name. This appears to have happened subsequent to a Microsoft update and is terribly unproductive. The OS is XP.
I have to make a game using Microsoft Publisher, Powerpoint, Word or Excel.
I found a download to portible microsoft office 2007, but i need another link. anyone know a place to download a microsoft office 2007 portible edition for a u3 smartdrive (1gig)? OH: not openoffice