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I tried asking this question before and the options I was given didn't help. But I lost my old laptop in a fire, and I purchased a new one, however, this laptop will not recognize my external hard drive (internal in a casing.) I dont have any of the disc and cant find any drivers on the adaptec site, and I do not want to reformat the disc because I will lose all of my data I have saved on it, can anyone help me, PLEASE!
A friend of mine has no credit, but wants a computer. Is this a good idea, or not?
for example if i intend to find:articles regarding a particular subject in a particular language from do i type in the search box?do live search,google search,yahoo search..etc recognize the same commands?thank you all in anticipation
How do I obtain temporary custody of a minor child whose parent was recently encarcerated? I have been given power of attorney by the parent but I am having a difficult time registering him into a school near my residence b/c he was previously enrolled in a school in PA?