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who have survived the bull, but they don't tell you the amount of horsepower inside the bull?
i have 5 chihuahuas. im living in florida. is there a limit on how many dogs you can own in florida? if so, what is it
My grandmother, a very religious woman, swears that she wakes up at 4:48 a.m. whenever someone in our family has died. I didn't know if this was just a really big coincidence or if it has some sort of meaning.
i met this guy and i gave him my # and he called 2 days in a row but i never could answer it because i was in class. so i hadnt talked to him in a while. well i seen him again and he asked for my # again and this time i got his #. well he called me to make sure it was the right #. well he hasnt called me again and i called him and we ended up having a hour long conversation. but that was the last i have heard from him. he acts interested in me everytime we see eachother or talk but he isnt making much of an effort? what is he thinking?
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.......,2933,388161,00.htmlTricia Walsh-Smith is available. Name the perfect match up for her.
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I would love to order this program or ? but I would love to talk to them first because I want make sure it is real so I need A phone number for Thay may not be real. I tried to E-mail them but just got a computer type reply. You can E-mail me [email protected] thank you Davy
I am in M.emphis and I need the support number because I am having a problem loging on.