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What I mean is have you noticed how different it has become from the original struff EX: Death, carcass, possessed. Take a look at Cannibal Corpse, It is practically grindcore! Now if only Chuck Schuldiner didn't die, RIP chuck.
I have a friend who is single. I've just noticed that the women he pursues romantically are bad for him. But the women who pursue him are very good for him. Have any of you noticed a difference like this or any other differences among your single friends?
wondering if i did it would u know it was me? and if so, how? (im not). just curious.
I like the content removed review only there is no diplomatic link to get out of the page! No I do not agree.
I posted a question around an hour ago..and I have only received one response...have MOST members of MSN QnA left already, or just gave up?
I used to have xp media center, and a good set of dell surround sound speakers, but after upgrading to vista (Which I love) I noticed the audio does not get very loud at all, almost inaudible at some points. I installed the right driver and everything, any ideas and how to make the sound louder in vista?
The Oracle
no windows, one little stovepipe chimney- it looks more like a doghouse or a monopoloy hotel..and did you ever notice that in the mail icon, the actual letter is bigger than the envelope?.....It's a tough job, but somebody's got to keep an eye on these you all look!!!