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aug 29 there was news that 1.3 million ppl information has been stolen from there database and that it could potentially be used to gather even more information from these ppl. I received a letter yesterday informing me i was one of the 1.3 million people. But my information was to be safe with this job searching network. Is this a potential lawsuit?
In your opinion what are the top 3 influences? I named some examples, but name any influence you can think of... here is a couple more.. Internet, religion, magazines, politics, etc.
Clinton on an conference was answering a woman's question and she went all softy, watery eyes, voice cracked, etc....
I sure would like to hear something good.
When you don't watch TV,don't read News stories,internet news,newspapers.Extremists radicals writes complaints to Congress,FCC,claims Media Decency,when they really need to say Liberal Media Agenda,Liberal Media Bias,Democratic controlled News,six-thirty broadcasting News traitors,Hollywood Media Elites leftists leftwingers,...100,000 complaints per month about Media.
Adam Aka Preacher