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in a garbage container outside Tiger Stadium in Detroit.(I am from michigan) How can people be so cruel? What is wrong with our society?
santa's north pole-the children are asking to be able to keep or stay in their houses and jobs for their parents-among other things. This bad economy affects everyone.
they said it was made with a chemical that is used in he garages. made the counterfeit toothpaste in africa.
The Oracle
Apparently there is this cat at a nursing home that goes up to someone and cuddles to/with them. Within 4 hours that person far the cat is batting 25 out of 25....the nursing home likes it because it gives them time to notify relatives. Pretty amazing little Felix there.........
One question..... Did anyone ever see them go down in the winter? Reasons people, I need reasons!
May 6-7 2007 accidents in Dane county WI
I'm looking for information about the latest in nuclear power and if the government has scaled the fusion reactors down to the point that they can start installing it into consumer sized automobiles as replacements for the engine. Being into finding better ways to power todays cars, I'm just trying to research this issue as an alternative means to fossil fuels.
What is the name of the company which sells Hydrogen Generators for autos which aired on KSAT 12, Sant
car over median altoona Iowa around july 10-13 08