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And you suppose to choose one or as many as you like!! But I want to know what is "Networking"?? Someone told me its when someone is looking for a job....I don't think its right!!! Does anyone know?
For example looking for friendship, relationship, networking??? I want to know what does Networking mean in that category........:)
Ok I found my true ip by going to but now if I use remote desktop connection how will it know what pc on my network to connect to? By going to that network it only gives me the router ip then I know the network ip so now what? What format will I enter it in? would it be like (router ip):(network ip) or what?
I want my daughter and my husband to be able to print on my printer from their computers. Can you tell me what to do or direct me to site that will walk me through it, step by step as if I were illiterate and needed pictures to follow any instructions? LOL
Which service do you believe works better Windows Live Spaces, facebook or MySpace?
I have an ASUS Pro70C Series Laptop and a Netgear WGR614 v6 wireless router / network to run 2 computer off. Only need the wireless for the Laptop, the other PC is olser with no wireless adaptors.
i have a rather large house and a wireless network; however the signal cant reach the whole house very well. how can i set up a network with two routers so i can share files and browse the internet even if my computers are connected to different routers?I have a Netgear wg624v3 108mbps router and a belkin 54mbps router.thanks in advance
I would like to get him a subscription and wondered which magazine you techies like:-)
You are able to ping other computers on your intranet, but are unable to connect to them. What are some things to look for to solve the problem?
I have a super G wireless network (108Mbps) and two computers on it both with super g cards, but when i transfer files between the two, the speed is always around 750 kbps, no where near 108 mbps. whats going on and how can i fix this to make it go faster?
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