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I need to build a case against someone getting a Staffordshire Terrier with a one-year-old in the house.I know they can be sweet. I know there are nice things to say about them, but there ARE negative aspects and I'd like to build a case to at least make the known risks available to the parents before they go through with this purchase.Please help by providing links to reliable sources of information.Thanks.
like a boyfriend who is very possessive for his girl will he thinking only negative about her??? like with whom she must be talking? where she must be roaming at this time? is she cheating on me OR they feel positive too???
From what I can tell, it means slightly different things to different people so what's your first impression of when you hear ladies man? Is it a good thing or bad thing?
You know those pins on the motherboard that take those thin wires from your case's front panel, such as HDD LED, Power Switch, Reset button, Power LED, etc etc? My motherboard shows a + and - sign on the headers. But the wires from the case do not. The wires from the case are colored however. If my Power Switch wires are red and black, which is positive and negative? If a wire is blue and white, which is positive and negative?
printed commercially? Besides smearing when subjected to moisture, are there any other factors to keep in mind (fade resistance, etc.)?
I think it should only be used when all methods of discipline have failed in children. It is indeed a negative thing as are all other forms of physical punishment. In some cultures it is a common tool for teaching discipline. OK BillyS, I asked your question.
A To The J
Calculate the pressure exerted by 1.0 mol H2S behaving as a van derWaals gas when it is confined under the following conditions: at 500Kin 150 cm3.Additional data: a = 4.484 b = 4.34I tried it but getting a negative answer and didnt match the answerkey, used P = nRT/(V - nb) - n^2a/V^2 and R = 0.0821 L·atm·K-1·mol-1.Please show work to help me see what i missed, thanks!