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Over 50, have gained weight on low calorie, low fat/no fat diets. I understand that a low carbohydrate diet intake can help you lose weight. If so I would like to know how many carbohydrates per meal can one consume to lose weight.
Grandma was almost 100 years old. She was born 01 December 1907. QT had spent many, many days the past several months caring for her. She passed away Friday, 27 July 2007. There is an obituary in the Grand Rapids Press (MI) for Sarah Swanson (for those that want proof). Grandma's wish was to see her 100th birthday. She missed it by 4 months and 4 days. God was kind and allowed Sarah to leave us peacefully. Still, quite a life she must have lived. Her life-support systems were cut off July 11th. The doctors gave her only a few days. She remained coherant and amiable until July 24, then called for her Mama. We then knew her time was at hand.She will be missed by many.
Chicago Lady
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This is a situation where during the pregnancy the fetus was operated on to repair problems that may help the fetus survive. Would you take the risk or let your wife take the risk that they might not survive the surgery to save the fetus from defects that would otherwise not be survivable if no surgery was done prior to birth?
My sister passed and we need to close the account that she had in In. And is there a location in Missouri that we can go to and close it out?
My sister took oxycontin for five years, then got addicted to it. She died on July 10th this yearfrom an overdose. Please warn everyone about the danger of this pill.
Bball Star
I'm pretty much just on one side of this concept, but curious about your thoughts since I see this so much.
to obtain before he or she could legally remarry was called a?A-decree nisiB-decree absoluteC-separation agreement
Where do you get all the protein and vitimans you need to sustain life? And what foods are good and what food are bad to eat? What kind of meals would you consider for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
using FRESH tomatoes----no canned at all, please---so far, all the recipes on the websites I use all contain some sort of canned tomato product as well as the fresh---DON'T WANT THAT.....foodies, please help. Thanks.