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The Supreme Court is deciding if 15 years is enough jail time for 2 ounces of crack cocaine.
My dogs have been given Frontline routinely since they were little and one still got Lyme disease from an infected tick! The vet said nothing is 100% effective. So why didn't the vet give the Lyme vaccine way back? She said since they were inside dogs and they wouldn't need one. Are we throwing our money away on these medications just like we do on medications for people and then find out they don't work!! Any thoughts?? Thanks....Dep
There are some people who are up to no good. They may look like you and I, or maybe not. Is racial profiling an effective tool in preventing crime, terror?
.. I am making empanadas with pastry dough.. I don't want to fry them but rather bake.. is it necessary to brush some egg over it before baking?...
If I reduce it to 0 MB will it be compromised with available RAMmy Pc uses around 250 MB Page file at startup. But as i use internet or many other things, gradually it increases to around 500 MB . my comp becomes very slow.