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Is it the high cost of health care? The psychological effects of a weak or non-existent family unit? Is the American life more stressful?United States life expectancy is 77 years old. The following nations have a higher life expectacy: Australia(79), Austria(79), Belgium(80), Canada(79), Costa Rica(78), Finland(78), France(79), Germany(78), Greece(78), Hong Kong(80), Iceland(79), Israel(79), Italy(79), Jamaica(81), Japan(82), Korea(South-78), Kuwait(77), Luxembourg(78), Malta(78), Netherlands(78), New Zealand(78), Norway(79), Singapore(78), Spain(79), Sweden(80), Switzerland(79), United Kingdom(78).
My being president of both the USA And the United Nations would place the worlds best police force and the worlds best military under one leadership. Thereby giving me the power to actually do something about the mess humanity is in right now. Could i have myself elected President of the United Nations? Would you vote for?
My friend is coming out of the states and will be expecting a yeellow Tag certificate so he can quickly go through customs and get to my place of residence from the Customs Offic at DEner Intenational airport and I need it by Monday May 23 in the moring when his plane arrives abd he may need help getting to the office to get the tag certificate and help to the parking lot wewhere his treansportation is
For example, are we dependant economically in any way on people in say the Middle East? Thanks in advance for any clarity you can give.