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and why were there never any arrest as well as this all being hidden from the public? watch the first three minutes of this video if you think its not true and the whole thing if you want to know more​a+arkansas&total=54&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=searc​h&plindex=0
Amazing Guy
We celebrate independence and freedom in the USA today and all the rights that go with it... but what does freedom mean to you personally in your life?
Cutey With A Booty
I am thinking it's either UK or USA. Why? For example, ban on gay marriages, ban on morning after pill, demand for Christian value in politician's background, etc. Europeans are generally more open to these ideas.
Thessalonius Ii
I am for the elimination of all cap. gains, a drastic reduction in withholding taxes as well as a lowering of corporate rates across the board. And of course, a spending cap. Even if that meant a raise in income taxes. But, I'm an attorney for a bunch of fat cats so, I may be biased towards lowering them in general. Lemme no wat'cha tink.
Grace Under Pressure
all the things we have to make life easier are still not as loving and kind as when we had nothing