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I downloaded a game, then burned the ISO on a dvd+r, but the playstation said "please insert a ps2 dvd", i heard somone once say that the ps2 has to be "moded", how do i do that?
Coffee Lover
But as i grab something to kill me, i think of my family and loved ones, and i go to bed and sleep hoping something will happen.
Doctor Woot
Yesterday with the storms we just had, all the damage and sadness made the front page of my hometown paper. On page three is an article on the third local kid to come home to be buried. I will be "on line" for another dead comrade in arms. Our town is only about 100,000 so everyone knows everyone. It just ticks me off that the local news paper thought that the death of this American was not first page news.
she is flirtatious and can i not be jealous and not think stories in my head that end up in her dumping me for anothe one
This question seems very strange to many, yet I have not heard of any person who can fully answer it. According to great philosophers such as St. Augustine and others, I ( I use the word 'I' because in this case I can only speak for myself) can only be absolutely sure of 1 thing, and that is that I myself exist. I can be skeptical about anything else, but in the case of being skeptical about my existence I prove that I exist because I have to exist in order to be skeptical ("Si fallor sum" --> Latin proverb stating that if one is skeptical, then one must exist.) But the question is this, how can I know that any other person has their own consciousness. All that I actually know for sure is that "I" have consciousness and will, but I cannot know that you do. Maybe everything exsists because I make it so, if I am the only existence. Can anybody figure out a sound reasoning around this mental pitfall?
Last night I was very proud of myself for not using frozen pancakes, I ran to the supermarket when I discovered there wasn't enough Bisquik in the house, I bought chocolate chunk pieces to put in it too, yes I'm talking proud, lol. When I started making it I realized the eggs in the refrigerator were stuck to the container and pretty expired, smiling, so I asked my neighbor in the backyard if I could borrow a couple of eggs. Does anybody else do that?