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I Am Canadian
Tags: mustang
I've heard NITTO Extreme Performance NT555 Tire Toyo Proxies and Bridgestone pontezaI can't find a review site that reviews them all.
Jeff Lees
I bought 20" rims for it already. I am looking to lower it now. I can buy springs for $200 but people want $300-$400 to install. I can go to company and get the entire package (springs and install) for $500 or go to a "no name" and can do it for $200. Which way should I go?Also, I want to improve the power (HP and Torque) cheaply. I know the more HP you get the worse MPG. I want a few more HP. Any suggestions? I put high performance Air Filter already. Top of the line spark plugs/wires maybe?
Fits at the window side mirrors and window runner.
Tags: mustang
Inside is fine, the only thing is needs is a new paint job because the clear coat is gone so its not as shiny as it was. Its black cherry, and has a sun roof. I love it but with a baby its not practical. My husband is a mechanic and has kept everything running fine. Please if you know anyone who wants it, im willing to discuss a reasonable price.