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Were where the foreign buyers in last weeks 10-year US Treasury notes auction?Foreigners own $6007bn of long term debt. This is equal to 66 percent of the entire US federal debt. Japan (901), China (870), ect.
Ortho doc wants to prescribe muscle relaxer for terrible muscle spasm whicch are affecting my knee replacements in both legs due to having tremours associated with Parkinson's. Med assistant suggested a drug but did not catch name. Sounds like "silkxxxxxx or selxxxxx. Can you help? Spelling may be incorrect.
I have trouble eating vegetables and fruit they taste bad to me so going veggy only wouldn't work i can eat meat all day but that diet i know is unhealthy. What are some meals i can eat. I like meat, pastas and thats it really. If anyone knows of any recipies please send a link keep in mind I'm an awful cook and can only cook the basics like eggs, toast, angel hair pasta etc
I'm a normal healthy lean teenager, but I want to gain some lean bodymuscle mass. I want to have muscles that burst out of shirt sleeves andabs that get attention like a ripped movie star. I've tried askingadvice at my gym about the best ab belt and muscle building supplementfor lean body muscle, but all they say is "well take this and this andthat from our center" because that's what they're paid to say. Are there any muscle supplements that can amplify growth, and are there any legit abdominal belts that can help sculpt a noticeable six pack??I want lean body muscle fast--by summer. I go to the gym to work onUpper body Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, Lower body Tuesdays,Thursdays, and Saturdays, and Abdominals every day with the exceptionof Sunday for rest. Any recommendations!? Thanks so much for your time!!
Mountain Goat
My son got it for his birthday, he chose Muscle, and has been playing for 3 straight days!!! So far he has unlocked all of the territories.
Any years, any makes, any models, any modifications. As long as it's your favorite.
I've always loved the old school muscle, GTO, Cuda, Camero, Nova, etc... However, Corvette's are my all time favorite!