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Share details on music in your life..
Live QnA is an English-only sight. Fine. Yet, I'm still wondering several things: 1) how "far" are we from automatic translators in any language on sites such as this? I.e. the tech. exists, right? Is it a matter of expense? 2) Would the existing QnA "community" WANT to be more available to speakers of any language? (I would.) 3) How many here think having an auto-translate feature would be cool?! and would actually be a safe way to be more open... {At this pt, I'm thinking philosophically re culture in USA-- isn't knowledge one of the best ways to increase our safety in the world???? I'll probably have to divide this Q into 3 Q's, anyway.....main Q is: Does auto-translate tech exist yet?
Some of my screen names have this feature, but not my main email account. I like this feature and would like to turn it on if possible in my main email account.... Does anyone know a way to get this? Thanks so much!
I have to install several software applications on every computer and am looking for an automated way to run through the process over the network. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Ex: one file; testdata.xls.single xls file contains multiple tabs (sheets) - one for each day.each sheet contains test data for equipment, different cells for different tests.Want to graph for a particular cell through all days (all sheets).
For fairness, I suggest testing without any disc in either.Other food for thought:- Does the fastest-opening drive also close the fastest?- How does having a disc in affect the speed?- Does there seem to be a pattern here?- If so, why do you reckon that is?
This happens seemingly for no reason, I can go to any Website (i.e., my work website, CNN, or anything) and suddenly out of nowhere many browser windows will open continuously, usually to the point of my not being able to use the browser b/c it continually opens new windows. mostly they are just advertisements, but it effectively shuts me down.