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The states in worst economic shape, for example New York with a 5 billion dollar deficit, Michigan, Illinois, Massachusetts, California, New Jersey all running large deficits... well you get the idea.
she is still having accidents.. Does crate training work and how long does it take? also what is the best way to train her to do other things like sit and lay down ect. she's a C.K.C. registered beautiful Shih Tzu but if i step in another puddle of pee I'm going to go crazy lol...
Angelita Blondy
don't have a virus or anything. I don't know what to do. ANy help anyone? Thanks a million.
Sea Seal
ctl-alt-delete, F4, or esc. do not work at that time. I'm forced to just turn off my computer improperly. I got rid of all my moving screensavers.How can I restart my computer when it freezes?My cursor gets stuck.
My car, my car, my carrr. I hate to work on my car. Mostly 'cause I don't know how to work on my car. I'm good at telling you what's wrong with the car but I don't want to know how to actually work on the car.