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bright plummy tones telling us, as a news broadcast, what a great day it was....lies, liars and the rotten people that tell them!anybody getting tired of being wipe-sawed by the market?the question is; what is left to be believed? are there any sources that tell the truth anymore?the 'news' was/is purposely misleading. to be 'successful' sales would have to been at least 20% higher than last year. last years holiday sales slump laid the final groundwork for this years dismal performance., this years will be the death knell, but our tv tells us how great it is....if you were visiting in another country and witnessed this type of tv coverage, what would you think of that country? what would you think of the news broadcasts? might you see reason to doubt anything that was broadcast?a true stat about thanksgiving after day sales is the fast food outlet sales for that day....
A little late to be asking I know. I have watered the lawn already. Do I need to wait to let them outside again?
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away.He came to me for his nails,followed me from another shop just to see me,meanwhile his wife got her nails done down the road where i used to work,but would drop him off cause he was to sick to drive anymore. One day i got a phonecall he was gone....Anyway,to get to the point of the story,in the dream he was sitting next to me ,peaceful.He did not look sick anymore at all,gave me a smile,and said,<"boy the last manicure you gave me really held up".That is all i remember,but the dream was so,CLEAR! Do you think he was telling me,he was at peace?
Doctor Woot
With what has happened to me in the last couple of weeks, somehow the garden seems very far away now.
I don't get is calm as can be in the early morning until about 10am...then the wind picks up. It gets windier and windier throughout the afternoon...then it starts to subside. By evening it's calm again. What's that all about?