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Did you know that in China on average the household puts away 30% of their monthly income for savings.
Mountain Goat
I didn't want to get too graphic.You guys know what I mean right? I never undertsood that about dogs. Why do they have to do that?
With food, vets, grooming etc. how much would it cost?
Is there anything else i can cook for her that is actually GOOD FOR HER....I'm trying to beafen her up a bit she's not a big eater and she exercises a lot and gets winded easily because she only eats like 12 kibble a day but she loooooves chicken and rice so I'm thinking there must be other healthy things i can cook her that shed like to eat. any ideas?????
I am wanting to open up a computer store in the Prescott Chino Valley AZ area.
I need to know the price, I am trying to determine how much money I must save.
I have 2 auto loans and an rv loan with my local bank to send info to the credit bureaus with their name amount of loan and what type of loan but don't ever send monthly reports this credit should be really helping my credit score what can I do?