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IN THEORY, do mixed and capitalist economies use fiscal and monetary policies to regulate the economy? By in theory, i do not mean what governments do in reality, but how they are supposed to do it according to the economic spectrum.
Goodbye, Cruel World
The Fed has been keeping interest rates low, resulting in a weak dollar. Oil is priced in dollars. Has the lower Federal Reserve discount rate been a significant factor in the prices we see at the pump?
The Oracle
appealing to the baser instincts?....Should not the motivation to do so be out of 'doing the right thing'....rather than mere money?
In "Corporate America" today if a company like for example DHL wants to improve the relationship with their employees to REALLY show they are Worth for the Quality of work to provide the BEST service in the Market competing with "FE DEX" , "UPS", and others; what could it be dome? Could use examples from other corporation different business like { Honda , Ford , Kraft ,American Express , American Airlines , ATT , government agency's ,Microsoft, Costco , etc..........What can employees do to make things better in communications with other departments and within management and Union and Non-Union Personnel; In other words make things better < I know that is impossible in "Corp orated America" would be a fantasy Please Help Thanks From Miami Gateway DHLwe have employee of the month and few decent recognition program implemented but there is always thing to improve the harmony between Company and employees to help everyone 
Help with definition/origin and correct spelling for the word: "Ducket"? Monetary unit, old English?
Hint: The financial "meltdown" that is happening in the world. Forest fires that have destroyed many expensive homes in Santa Barbara, California; and many other disasters to come.