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Uncle Hanky
phones, internet etc. Or else how women didn't have equal right etc. What do you think our grandchildren will find difficult to understand about our lives?
Art Dixon
I would like to know if there is a beta. When will there be a beta if there isn't, when is the projected release month and or day, and will I be able to upgrade a window mobile 5 smartphone (specifically a Cingular 3125). website may be posted. thank you!
I want to be able to access the internet anywhere. Like driving on the highway
My cell phone was working just fine-it had my phone number, it connected to the server OK, and I could use it as any other cell phone. Now, it doesn't have my phone number, and it can't reactivate because it now knows nothing of my cell phone account. PLEASE HELP OR I'LL BE SLAUGHTERED BY MY MOTHER!
After my 80-gig Lacie mobile drive was plugged in via USB for several hours, it was very warm to the touch. Is this normal?
In terms of operating systems, softwares, and other specifications