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my Hp laptop dvd player with this model number. HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-T30L ATA Device. tells me that the drivers are missing or corrupt. where do i find the drivers to download it again
My dog hasn't gotten out for nearly a year now. I came home from work today and she was gone. Not one person in the area has seen her at all. That is the hard part. I spent over 5 hours looking for her... up and down every street and side street. I live in a small I don't know why nobody has seen her. In the past...someone would always say..."oh yeah, I saw her earlier." Today....nothing. Poof...gone. I always told myself that if she was ever picked up by someone and not returned....I would leave here and move back to Washington State. Do you think that energy caused her to vanish? My other dog would be more than happy to be the only dog. Sure...she would miss the other for a while...not long though. The one who never gets out is so devoted. I could leave the gate open all the time and she would never leave. Where the hell is she? Only one day after the Solstice...gone. Please send positive energy for her return. I seriously will leave here if she doesn't come back
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The Oracle
ventriloquist, Terry Faver. Absolutely positively astoundingly unbelievable...if you've not seen this- you've really missed something. This is singularly the most talented individual/performer I've seen in 20 years...because he does so much...and the full volume singing is just spectacular...Do yourself a it..and you'll see what I mean...
Dr. Wolfman
It's been a month or more.... and I always like to read his point of view on "stuff" Jerry Jerry, where are you? Anybody seen Jerry here in cyberspace lately?
Recently I started having a problem opening up Excel. I get an error message asking for the sku001.CAB file.Looks like this problem is also affecting Outlook.
Computer will not boot past "verifying DMI pool data....", is reading cd-rom as drive X, and is now also saying it is "missing operating system" while trying to use some diagnostic software...please give any and all ideas that you might have....thanks!
I can't wait to see it and I wanted to know if anyone knows when they will be finished with it or at least starting it.
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