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The Oracle
LEGALLY (my emphasis) released at least 271 MILLION pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water- contamination the Federal government has consistently overlooked........." etc, Well somebody slap me in the head with a catfish, because I think this is borderline insanity, Russian Roulette, idiocy. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE MILLION POUNDS?.....What, I need never go to the drugstore again, just turn on the tap. The hey word here is LEGALLY. Have our lawmakers (assuming they had any to begin with) lost all common sense?
forever for me. I don't know why. I even fed it food, gave it water, and bathed it. And it still wont go on a walk. And yes I'm sure its been past 30 minutes. Please help! Thank you!
The moniter type is Phillips 105S and it makes a high pitch noise that is death to the ears, i can not use the computer for more than 30 mins without giving the moniter a 5 min rest!! this is really annoying when i have to do long reports WHAT CAN I DO!!
When my CPU started to slow down (90% usage), I was thinking I was under attack. I lock down my Server, Router, Internal HUB’s, unplugging network HDD drives. I isolated outside X.25, Broadband, and 802.11 a/g connections from my network…… I started a BUG hunt,(Ok you can sing with me) a hunting I will go a hunting I will go and I found MICRO$OFT a hunting I will go. PS, and I like Microsoft.The MsMpEng.exe process is eating up CPU time. I cannot set the process priority to LOW, (I wound love to do that)This has been going on now for 10 minutes, It took me one Minute to open Google and I clocked MsMpEng.exe usage at 91% at the same time… Ok it just stop, Retested QnA to Google 1 Second CPU MsMpEng.exe usage 0%.Is there a Fix/Patch?Do I just live with it?
i'm constantly checking times there a site where i can download a conversion guide. it would be a suitable tool for apprentice beginners too.
I have to touch my pad to make it appear again. Do I need to re-set the length of time for it to show or is it normal for it to go blank after a certain length of time
Do you find it hard to get away from the computer, like you might miss something? Have you learned a lot, or do you only do it for points, like a game?
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