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Bud 28
financial problems?
my dads is...missing (haha) :P
i was 31v-tactical communication system operator and mechanics
Cherish Wisdom
Read this story from MSNBC. The impression I get from it is, the Mexican military that was initially sent in to take back the streets of the border towns,are getting over zealous. To put it mildly. I think the have gone way over the top of what they were sent in to do. Which is taking down the drug gangs to make the streets safe again. Here's the link, & tell me what you think.
My wife is creating a cookbook to raise funds to help deployed soldiers and their families with housing and living expenses during deployment. She is looking for "favorite recipes" of military members of past and present. Family and friends can submit recipes for them, too. She needs name, rank, branch, relation to member, something about the recipe, the recipe (obviously) and maybe a memorable or important moment in the service members career. She has media release and recipe submission forms (and more info). If you are interested in helping / participating please email her at [email protected] , and thanks for your support!!!!
Gray Wolf
I was on Marine Corps Base, Quantico this morning and the subject of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at President George W Bush came up and there was not one Marine in the gym that found it amusing and most were mad as hell about it. I am curious if people with military background view the incident differently.
The President, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Army, Army Chief of Staff, Commander TRADOC,Commander Accessions Command, Region Commander, Brigade Commander, and Senior Army Instructor. Can Somebody please tell me the name's of these people?
i need as much input as possible, as your firneds and everything, i might create one and i need to present facts and figures to the engineering company that is sponsering me