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I am getting a new computer with Windows Media Center Edition 2005. (Should I change OS to XP?) On my old computer I ran Windows XP Pro. What is the best situation for developing web media, website developing and database programming?
From what I have been reading the migration will be painful at best? There has been talk of loss of user data and files.... Dead and burning EU's will be found on the side of the exchange supper highway with the Admin handing out aspirin waiting for a fix. We can plan now or do the learn and burn dance of shame, later. Me; I like to be proactive not reactive.
The Future
I don't want to pay for something like Norton Ghost since most programs only let you do it once.
Cars as they are fun, safer than before, and get better gas milage with more horses, but unfortunately despite the good energy density of gas they still do eviromental harm. Will the cleaner cars of the future be fun and loud if you want em to be, or fast if you can afford it?