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When I was burning the Windows 7 ISO image file to a DVD, I put the computer to sleep by mistake - now when I put the DVD in the computer, I am told that there is no disc in the drive - is there any way to restore/wipe the disc so that it is usable again? It is a DVD +R, RW.
if one day is too short to enjoy,how to make it seem longer slow down the pace of happiness
I'm a touch typist, but whenever I make a mistake I have a compulsive need to fix it, so it slows me down a little bit.
I know that some MGS4 missions are in the middle east but is the whole gameset there?
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Right now with troops stretched to it's breaking point and with everything going on in the Middle East and the possibility of going into Iran, how much longer can the US continue without reinstating the draft. Is this a possibility, and would you support this?
movie trailers seem to play but this email file with pictures in it won't load it starts with a dark screen and bright blue Q, then screen goes white Q goes light blue and there is a ? mark in the middle of the q