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Auto Impaired
so the the Mexican drug production can be reduced; it would be hard for Mexico to fight drugs while demand in the US is high.What is your opinion?
Cutey With A Booty​htmlFinally, the achievement of the criminal world is "recognized"... Is Forbes magazine right or wrong to include a drug lord in their list?
The Oracle
hubs are- Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York. That it's now trucks and the war is right in your back yard, suburbia, saying that once it gets to the key cities, it's then moved to very normal suburban homes. They now look for trucks, not boats. Atlanta alone has a trailer truck traffic of over 3,000,000 vehicles a year, so they say (or maybe that was the total for all five, but I think it was just Atlanta.) My question is, with that kind of humongous traffic- you can't search every vehicle- how can we EVER stop drugs?
I've got an online relationship with a girl from Mexico. How can I get her in the USA to stay with me? I just don't know where to start.
I like mexican rap/rock, like Molotov and Pitbull-even though I can't understand the majority of the words. I also like christian rap and it's positive messages. I'm looking 4 mexican rap/rock that I don't feel guilty about what I'm not understanding. Does that make any sense at all?
Cutey With A Booty you plan to show your pride for Mexican heritage today? Or do u rather not hear anymore about it?
Cherish Wisdom
Read this story from MSNBC. The impression I get from it is, the Mexican military that was initially sent in to take back the streets of the border towns,are getting over zealous. To put it mildly. I think the have gone way over the top of what they were sent in to do. Which is taking down the drug gangs to make the streets safe again. Here's the link, & tell me what you think.
I've done all the searching I can think of online. Anybody know where I can get one of these barbeque rotisserie contraptions?Thanks, Carol