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error message: dr watson post mortem debugger. can ANYONE help me? thanks.
It happens almost every time I close internet explorer. This is new, happening for about 2 or 3 weeks now.I have cleared my temp folder and cashe...etc. Anyone know about this kind of stuff?
Old But Careing
How can i stop them error from occuring every time i stut down the computer?
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I have a memorex 48U scanner...The message reads_ Twain Error failed to open the twain driver_ I have tried several times to reinstall the program.
When I go to the control panel under audio/sound, and try to check the box to add volume icon to task bar I get an error message saying to go to the control panel and add/remove the program. What is that all about? I just want to use the volume control. It was there before, I don't know where it went.
not able to load (CLSID_COMDOCUMENT40) correctly. Restart or uninstall and reinstall program. I have no idea what to do.