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I get this message about 4 times a week: "Virtual memory is too low. Windows is increasing the size of your virtual memory paging file. During this process, memory requests for some applications may be denied."WHAT is going ON?!? I have cleared cookies and the cache and I have plenty of gig on my harddrive.
Having incredible trouble sending photo emails. Tried multiple times. It says, "MSN Photo Sharing Server is unavailable. Send message without photo share?" What does that mean?If I send it that way...does it even make it without the photo share?Is this a temporary problem or do I need to contact customer support or something?Why are computers so frazzling? (this last one was a rhetorical question)
XFERRECV_RecvMain() : bind() error 675, 10022.How do I get rid of it?
that was on my block sender list. I cleared all on the list off but got the same message. What does this mean, how do I fix it, or am I the one being blocked ?
programc\program files\real\real player\play exeR6025Pure virtual function calls
I want to display data from an access table which contains a single ' like: a field called: last_name and data contains a name like O'Hana or Connor's
Microsoft Visual+Running Library,Runtime Error.R6025 Pure Virtual function call
says....Your System is low on Virtual Memory. Windows is increasing the size of your Virtual memory paging File.Had this message 3 times now in the past few days and everything seems to be running fine