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WSS 2.0 - I am trying to add a user to a sub-site. I get the message back stating the user can not be added because the name already exists. However, when you go to Manage Users the name is not on the list. The user is not a member of the site up the tree and inheritance was not used when creating the sub-site.Any ideas on why this could be happening?
I want to set this up because over 1000 lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks in NYC at the Twin Towers at 900 am EST and many people still are mourning this moment today. At school, I was very emotional. I'm sure many of you were too. Please click!
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There is a service somewhere, where you can call and leave a message for somebody. Then the next time that they pick up the phone, they are told that they have a message. Or else it just keeps calling them back periodically... What is the number for that service?