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I'd just like to know why it doesn't work. I pay a fortune for my daughter and my son to have phones and this is the service I get. I am supposed to be able to view it on my phone, and that doesn't work either. I have even tried to contact my cell phone provider they are no help either.
I want to set up a rss feed for my phone via homemade feed text messaging. I use the syntax of​&FORM=TOOLBR&format=rss for my feed reader but would like to forward it to my mobile phone as a text message.
Tags: message
the phone has an outer screen, and when you receive a text message, it says 1 new text message, but how do you read the text from that screen??
Since Alltel was bought by Verizon will it be counted as a "In" text if you texted someone on Alltel from Verizon?