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I am trying to get a full scan using Windows One Care. But it always stops(launching) and I get the message: Error OxOC600C03. What can I do to get the full scan?
Title Bar: Hack Detected!Message: The system time is altered by the type of speed-hack program.I get this after a minute or two, it is not when i am doing any particular thing (seemingly random)But i can never play the game, it always shuys down before the map is loaded...I saw a ? on yahoo answers with the same problem (no help).And it said to remove any software that claims to "speed up your computer"... I don't have any hacks or anything installed and never had... All i have is glary utilities (similar to ccleaner) and i KNOW that isn't a hack.i have never had this problem before... plz help!
"Why do I need to do that?Typing the characters in the picture above helps us ensure that a person, not a program, is performing a search.Whyis that important? Some programs perform repeated searches formalicious purposes. Preventing those automated searches ensures thateveryone else has faster, more reliable search results. Your computer,or another one in your network, has done so much searching lately thatwe're concerned an automated program might be at work."Is this a new thing I wonder? Why have I not gotten the message before when I spent more time searching stuff out here, and get it now when I am not...ha ha...I thinklol... well.... I am not a malicious program! But, what's to say I am not a malicioius person, doing searches for malicious reasons!??? It is a little strange as, lately I haven't done as much cause I've not had the time anyway... so, maybe someone else in my network... either way, its a little funny :)
Kushal Hada
"windows couldn't finish configuring the system to attempt to resume configuration, restart the computer", i use custom install on a NTFS C 48free space GB partition.
I don't mean to hack, its just a harmless joke but is there some way i could do it with using their IP and command prompt or some program or something?
I keep getting a "New MMS Pending" message on my cell phone. It says "Additional charges may apply while roaming." And a selection to "Download." Anybody know what this is???