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Account Banned
warning message pops up every 2 minutes or so and if I click on it, it tries to get me to buy some anti-virus software. It also loads other viruses. I have gotten rid of everything except the pop up message that keeps popping up. HELP!!
Knight Hawk
Sometimes, web links will freeze when I click on them, and I cannot even shut the page. On closing down the PC, a message box comes up: "AutoSuggest drop-down needs to be closed". What is it, and how can I overcome this problem?
message each time I try to print--says an error occured in the script on this page--when asked to continue--I click yes but still no printing
I want to send an automated message at a certain time when my computer is off.Outlook will only let me send it if my computer, and outlook is on.How do I use Hotmail to do this?
HpPhotosmart C3180 photosmart express. All in one.scanner was working fine yesturday Do you know why its printing but not scanning? all plugs are fine or it would,nt be printing.The machine is only 9 month old
I have removed my USB drive several times without waiting for the "It's Safe to Remove Hardware" message. Am I at risk of damaging my drive?
Attempting to do a virus scan. Keep receiving the above message. did a search and found a site that suggested running a 'vundofix.exe'. Did that and received a message that there were no infected files.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.