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I read that human memory are related with connections between neurons in brains. When human die his brain starts to disintegrate, and when connections between neurons disappear, the information in brain vanish (it also can happen because of some brain illness). So how spirit know what information was in human brain when he have a body? And if human spirit don't remember anything from life when it have body, so what connections are between human and its spirit. For example if I suddenly forgot everything from my past than I become new human, earlier my personality no longer exist. So if spirit don't have memory it means that I no longer exist after death.
One Twisted Child
My best would have to be the huge response I got to my research project, I was so impressed. Not only with the turnout, but the respect everyone showed each other as well.I have a couple of worst memories, and they involve the loss of respected users. However there is a good side to those as well, the outpouring of compassion shown by this community was simply amazing.
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If some of u know the particular answer of "YES"about this question asked.Then what is the procedure to do so. So that i can extend my RAM from 256MB to 1GB.if it has some disadvantages, then kindly mention them.
I got a warning on my computer that my virtual memory is low. What is virtual memory and how do I fix this problam. I am running windows XP home edition