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Why do Jehovah's Witnesses continue to allow their friends and family members to die (adults and children) by refusing a life-giving blood transfusion?
Mountain Goat
I have a debate going on with my hubby. I was watching an old CSI episode last night about a cult mass suicide. In the episode, Grissom mentioned the cult that committed mass suicide several years ago becuase they wanted to hitch a ride on the Halle Bopp Comet to get to that "other place". I remember the story and how it was mentioned that they were all wearing the same brand of sneakers. He says Pro-Keds, I say Converse. Are we both wrong?
them busy...they don't really check in very often and the program runs itself. What else do you think they do??
Why is that? I can hit it for others. I mean, I respect them I just don't see why they can't violate coc also. Anything is possible.
I consider myself to be a conservative independent. I was asking because many times the media focuses on Republicans and Democrats when talking about politics. If you are a third party member, can you tell me what party that is, and explain what their major political/moral beliefs are?
You get arrested convicted, caned right after trial sent to prison. You get sent back for parole violations or probation caned publicly in your town and sent back to prison to try it again. They say it will break you down have you crying like a baby.
just wunderin ,i go to the food tag and its not much cooking happening ,is there an msn board that has cooking only ?
Mtn? G?l N?rma
What is your favorite memory of Porkens....... Mine is all of them...Her outrageous avatars and her just being herself and having fun more than anything. What is yours?
Tags: members
There are a million Me's (that sounds funny) and I want to change my display name to a more unique name, but I worry that QnA members won't recall who I really am..."Me."What do you think?!?!
Windows XP Home computers cannot become members of a Windows Domain.
Mutual Help
I have been trying to get my pic to be displayed here in QnA when i am asking questions or answering them....But it just does'nt seem to get displayed......It's become a little more than frustrating :(I have set my permissions to 'Everyone',image size is small ,and its been almost 2 weeks since the time i placed it here online........I would really appreciate some advice from people who have had this same problem and have overcome it...!!